Sunday, October 31, 2010


Every year at the anti-occupational marches, the assemblies of Cypriot university students, at school and national holidays, at conferences of political parties, and on television and radio shows, we experience a peak of national absurdness: nationalist slogans, countless flags, a sudden wake-up of patriotism and religious pride, with the high point of all this national madness – the grand finale – the Greek national anthem! Of course, these events reflect the dominant concept cultivated systematically and which has existed for many years on the island, that of complete nationalism.

The terms nationalism – patriotism can easily be misunderstood. What are these ideas of nations, nationalism and patriotism? Is patriotism just a well-covered-up nationalism? Sometimes even the most democratic of spirits stoop to defending national identity. Schools, media, bodies of the state and political parties constantly propagandize national consciousness. As a nation we can consider a group of the population which has common representations in a certain historical framework. The social processes which create them are not static, but exist amongst a grid of conflicts and variations, where the common references are constantly changing, creating new data and conditions. During feudalism, as in older social forms of organization, even though ethnological views existed, they were basically made a part of the system via the dominance of the capitalist way of production, and they were then spilled out as a dominant ideology. Thus, national consciousness is created, quite recently in history: in Europe during the 18th century, along with the development of capitalism.

In the beginning of capitalism’s existence, it required as strong, large and concentrative states as possible, and nationalism was the secret ingredient to fulfill this requirement: thus nation-states were created, as a result of large conflicts between the upcoming bourgeoisie and feudalists, the then-dominant class. It is a fact that before the Greek uprising (1821) in the Balkans there were various nationalities spread around (Turks, Albanians, Greeks, Slavish), however the needs of the dominant bourgeoisie caused the creation of ‘pure’ nation-states. The national delirium of today is a descendant of the imposition of the so-called ‘Greek - Christian ideal.’

Let’s clarify a few things: this term (Greek – Christian ideal) was invented with the founding of the Greek state, and does not correspond to historical reality. There was no smooth continuity of ancient Greece into byzantine orthodoxy, but a full-on clash of the two different cultures, leading to the prevalence of one. So Greek flags depicting Cyprus and the Parthenon, alongside flags of Byzantium can only be described as an awful collage of nationalist propaganda. The invention of the ‘Great Idea,’ – result of the last process – served the local bourgeoisie in the extension of its political dominance to the total of lands where Greek-speaking cultures lived (1912-1922). All of this proves that nationalism, as an ideology, exists to serve certain interests of the ruling class, in subjugating those under them.

The nation is the coherent bond between higher and lower social classes, oppressors and oppressed. It serves and elongates this distinction since it depicts the enemy as being a different nation – which, coincidentally experiences the same contradiction. One of the main causes of the lower social classes being continually subjugated, is the acceptance of national consensus and the common national interests, which do not exist, they are simply a fraud. Using this, governments justify their authoritarian politics. Cyprus’ history in particular cannot leave us with any illusions. Nationalism among locals was used by colonialists which locals were fighting against for freedom, as a weapon against the people so that the people would continue serving the colonialists’ interests.

The separation of the people into Greeks and Turks, the overlooking of our common cultural roots caused devastating damage to the relationships between us. The entrenching behind national interests basically hides the problem and refuses to see reality. It follows the paths of the past like a faithful dog, and leads to the same deadlocks and the same destructive historical reality. The recognition of Greece as “the motherland,” as the country, to which we must without a doubt be attached to, cannot understand that Greece is not an idea, an imaginary meaning which exists somewhere far, far away. The Greek social formation exists in its historical development, dependant and shaped by its social and class conflicts.

We recognize, honor and learn from the great moments of the Greek worker’s movement, not because it is Greek, but because it is historically one of the most important class movements in Europe. The ‘greek-worshipping’ nationalists, fans of the Junta regime have been on the opposite side, alongside the enemies that the people fought. In the best case, nationalism (fascism in disguise) will simply destroy social and class resistance potential. However, in reality, this kind of ideas and actions lead gang-like hits, ‘cryers’ in Ledras regarding the fall of the wall, and dark memories of Grivas, whose resurrection will soon have to be answered.


Anarchist Union

Friday, October 15, 2010

Special Notice

This Thursday night 14/10, homes of residents, shops, workshops and our office,located on Sapfous street within the walls of Nicosia, once again were the target for another fascist attack from nationalists.This time, the neonazis of the of the organization in greece called Golden Dawn and its cypriot branch E.LA.M, starting from the coffee shop "Kala Kathumena" sprayed-painted the walls with slogans, such as Nazi symbols, "if we want we can burn you»(!),long live the nation, Greece - Cyprus - union, etc.

We know that our presence as anti-authoritarians in the region and our clear and honest anti-fascism causes this violent reaction of the neo-fascists, but at the same time, our presence in the region has brought social debates, concerns and prospects of resistance. We will not sit idle in front of the fascist challenges, we will respond to the nationalists / racists with solidarity, direct action and the self-organization of society.



Friday 15/10,

(Analytical approach coming up)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We are going through a decisive moment not only in the greek,but also the global social history.

After the global financial crisis of 2008,caused by the "tricks" of international capital to increase its profits(which resulted in the impoverishment of millions around the world),the working people of Greece see workers' and social rights,won after decades of struggles and many dead,being toppled.

The corrupt political and business elite of Greece,which introduced Greece in the Euro using falsified evidence to gain votes while the public economy was constantly worsening-due to mismanagement,corruption and degradation of public services and the support for the bankers and capitalists with state subsidies of tens of billions,while they were already making billions in profit-is what led Greece into this crisis.The forgery of the above financial data by "friends" with Goldman Sachs and the rest of the gang of the merchants of nations didn't come without a price,as with the playing around with bonds which had started then we literally has the beginning of the process of the enslavement of a whole people to the international bankers.

The debt of the receptors of lends by the banks are created out of thin air,as the banking system,through the constant chain lending of sums of money multiples of the deposits ends up generating money out of nothing,which money we pay in interest.Pure usury.This is the way international banks such as the IMF operate.

Now,under the pressure of debt,the traders of people called the IMF,a profit-driven bank that in recent history has destroyed the economies of the countries it has been involved in,drowning them in debt and their people in impoverishment,strike,as it was designed,forcing the workers of Greece to pay for lends of tens of billions,and while social welfare is being shrunk,the pension age is increasing,the labour regulations are being thrown away and much more,and at the same time the ones responsible for the crisis(politicians,bankers)will not only not be punished,but also not pay a single dime!

Rights won with the blood of the many are being lost by signatures of the political and financial elite.Facing this storm,the greek people is resisting en masse.In the total strike of the 5th of May hundreds of thousands protested against the new measures,while the politicians who sold out the greek people almost felt the peoples' wrath first-hand,as the whorehouse of 300 emperors-misguidedly called "parliament"-was in serious risk of being attacked by the thousands of people.The most conscientous understand there is no going back.Capitalism,as well as the "representative" false democracy of electing servants of capital,have reached a critical point,at which they were driven by greed,along with the unpredictable nature of the capitalist system,which the capitalists want to control to their advantage through globalization and international´centres like the IMF.Either the people will strike at the existing system to overthrow it,ushering in another,better society,either we will be led to impoverishment,destroying what the workers' movement has won in a frenzy of oppression to control the peoples'wrath-that is,fascism.

Greece is an experiment,that is how much the people will tolerate them.This experiment will be followed by the advance of international capitalists elsewhere.Already in Spain,and Cyprus also,the IMF "warns", "proposing" even eliminating the inflation adjustment,and that's for start.

Just like the capitalists strike in a coordinated way all over the world,so must the workers all over the world have solidarity,so as to topple their designs before it is too late.We have no reason to fight with the greek,turkish,or any other worker.We have common interests,and a common enemy:The capitalists and the states that support them.And we must have a common goal:A free,fair society.

For this reason we have decided to show solidarity to the greek people,who is protesting in force by the chance of the capitalist fair called "Thessaloniki Trade Fair" against all who will have it subdued.




Anarchist Union

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We call on workers, youth, organisations, teams, in discussion regarding the paneuropean general strike (29/9) and the creation of an initiative for organising relative actions.  The neoliberal counter-attack against workers rights and liberties is intensified, as well as the workers struggles in Greece, Spain, France, Italy but also in other countries. These fights show us the way, steering clear of parties and bureaucratic trade unions.

The discussion will be held on Saturday at 6 o'clock at the centrals of the University of Cyprys, room A007

Friday, August 20, 2010


On July 20th at 8 o'clock in the evening, following an anti-occupational march, 15 individuals/members of ELAM attacked a Nigerian student using bludgeons and crow-bars because they didn't like the color of his skin. After being chased, the unfortunate young man was struck by a moving vehicle and his persecutors beat him up and smashed the car which had hit him.

This was not the first similar incident as in the past few years an elation of neo-fascist elements has been observed and consequently this resulted to beatings, bullying and psychological and verbal abuse against people which do not meet their sick standards, i.e. immigrants, activists, students, homosexuals etc.
Other similar incidents prove that the problem is not isolated:
November '06: 20 individuals attack 12 year old Turkish Cypriot students at the English School
December '08: Fascist pogrom against shops owned by immigrants in the old Nicosia area.
December '08: 40 individuals attack a young African girl during a school volleyball match.
January '09: Attack and vandalisms upon the "Fanari tou Diogenh" social centre
July '09: Following an anti-occupational demonstration 3 individuals were beat up by 15 bludgeon bearing individuals
10th October '09: individuals that were seated in the courtyard of the Phaneromeni church, were attacked by individuals who were calling out: “This is our church”.
Thugs damaged Turkish Cypriot cars countless times following APOEL matches.
13th December '09: 2 individuals were assaulted by a group of people using clubs and sprays in the Phaneromeni area

These teams, Nazi attachés, believe in racial purity (the known Aryan Race) and its superiority over other people. They believe in militarism-militarization of society. In Cyprus' case, the ideological model of fascism is partly constituted by the political prehistory of the country (Grivas, Team X2, EOKA B and the British political influence) in combination with European neo-fascism and “Fortress Europe” (racist migratory policy of EU).

They consider immigrants responsible for the unemployment and the economic crisis. In this way they throw sand in the eyes of the people, making them believe that immigrants are accountable for the financial and social issues we are faced with. In combination to the existing racism (in each operation of the state mechanism, “divide and conquer”) their political existence is justified and they accomplish to infiltrate into the social web, corroding it and causing social intensity. The State and the system are benefiting from this situation, as their responsibilities for the Social-Economic crisis are being covered.

The proposal for the confrontation of this situation is to strike the issue at it's core so that these elements do not have the political enforcement in order to act. So, in order for the isolation of these elements to be achieved, the existing racism must be tackled at the same time since the State and the system by their very nature cause the conflict within the society. This is a matter of the entire society and only of that.



Anarchist Union